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Business Planning

For every small, medium or large business planning is crucial. Most of the businesses fail due to lack of proper planning. Planning consists of description of the business, market strategies, analysis, design and development, operation management and financial information. It is said that even a small one page of business plan have importance and purpose for the success of the business rather than having none.

The main purpose of planning is to help business define what it intends to do over a period of time. It clarifies the position and sets direction of the business and gives you a chance to understand what is required to do moving forward.


It helps to set future visions and help businesses evolve over time. Clarifying direction helps to you to know when you are starting from and future vision helps you to set goals to look forward for.

It is also important from the financial aspect. A comprehensive plan shows if the business has the potential to make returns and by providing fact and figures in the plan it has a better chance of attracting finances and investors to kick start the business or get more investment for growth.

It can also attract partnership with various stakeholders and convince them to join and be a part of the business. It also lays the foundation for an organization structure of the business and can be used as a tool for referral to ensure the business is on track.

We at Schwarzwhite limited

will help you to develop great business plans for your organization to attain financial and other goals. Our experts will develop these plans as per the needs of your business. The business plan will help you to identify the market place for your product or services and position it accordingly. Apart from that it will help you to segment the market and specify a target audience. It will analyse the macro and the micro environments and provide solutions to cater to your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. Along with it a marketing and sales strategy will be developed for your product and services. The business plan will also look into your financial requirement and will help you to prepare financial forecast. The plans will be easily understood and we monitor it closely to make sure that business is in the right direction.

There is a spiritual aspect to our lives – when we give we receive – when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!